Tuesday, 3 February 2015

TV Times

I love telly.  There, I’ve said it.  I gorge on books, spend more time on Facebook than is appropriate for a woman of my age, don my trainers a couple of times a week and jump about, enjoy the therapeutic value of a bit of baking and what have you, but I do love a good old session of square-eyesism.  And demand TV has revolutionised my viewing.  I’m a busy woman, work full time, including at least one late night a week, house, family and a magically re-filling washing basket, so my real-time viewing opportunities are limited.  Plus our TV only seems to have two channels – Sky Sports and Pop! (not even Tiny Pop anymore, sniff sniff at my baby not being a baby!) and so  I do very much appreciate a bit of catch-up.

Husband and I have a bit of a Venn diagram approach to joint viewing, with my side consisting of hospital dramas, anything starring Rob Lowe, 'women's stuff', and his consisting of sport and Masterchef, and our common ground being Midsomer Murders and a few more pensioner crime dramas.  Not Silent Witness though, he's not at all keen on that!
There are a couple more things that we might meet on the sofa for, but our viewing habits are largely poles apart.  We did used to like a cup of tea over Emmerdale prior to Daughter discovering the TV, but then it clashed with 64 Zoo Lane and In the Night Garden, and now I don’t know who anyone is.
You’d imagine it would be lonely, watching all this solo TV, but no!  For I have a very valuable commodity – a remote viewing buddy.  Oh yes.  L and I have very similar viewing habits and being a busy woman herself she doesn’t do a lot of real time viewing either.  So, whilst we’re not sad enough to co-ordinate our viewing, we do very often find ourselves watching in close-ish proximity, and in the absence of an actual sofa buddy, it’s nice to have someone to comment to.  Solving mysteries (was it the son or not in Missing?), sharing emotional exhaustion (funeral in Last Tango in Halifax) and general character assassination (Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy) or mutual appreciation of a fine view (Derek in Grey’s Anatomy), a response is only a (free!) text away.  The wonder of the modern age…TV at the wrong time and company via a screen. 
Between a busy weekend away and having to camp out at the Parent’s house thanks to a wait for heating repair, I’ve got a right old backlog.  Husband and I have got a couple of things to watch, but I’ve got quite the stash.  Now, I must text L and work out what I should watch first!


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