Monday, 30 March 2015

Finding my Fab

Now that I’ve been 40 for a quarter of a year, I’ve decided I’ve been coasting on my ‘fab at forty’ plan.  I’ve lost my Zumba habit, not lost my Christmas weight, allowed some grey hair to come through, and haven’t been out with the girls since Christmas (although have enjoyed a very nice night out with Husband).

So, in a flash of motivation, I’m ready to change it all.

The grey hair is easiest fixed – by Saturday lunch time I will be glossy and swingy and not a hint of silver.  I’ve done very well – I’ve still got less than 10 greys (or thereabouts – it would smack of unacceptable vanity to have actually counted them.  And what if there’s any I can’t see?!), but since I’ve turned 40 they are picking up their pace.  I can’t see me ever embracing grey.  I’m that pale that I would be invisible with grey hair, like some kind of X-Man but without the useful powers.  But nor do I want to be that septuagenarian with the unconvincing raven barnet…Ageing is so cruel!

The Zumba habit is taking a bit more effort.  My old class has morphed into something else, and although I enjoy the new one when I go, I don’t get the same thrill about going.  But what I am desperate to do is run.  Now, regular readers will know I went to a running club. Once.  Having marked it down as only marginally less horrific than childbirth, I never went again.  But I have this yearning to give it a go.  I imagine this super feeling of achievement and health & fitness, and last time the achievement was not actually dropping dead on the run, and the only fitness I achieved was knowing I was fit for nothing afterwards.  But I definitely bit off more than I could chew.  It was the equivalent of giving a weaning baby a well-done piece of rump rather than baby rice.  But I’m going for it this time, with the help of the Couch to 5K programme.  When it stops raining, of course!  And that’s where I fear I might be a fair weather fitness fanatic…

I’m suddenly very keen to get back to my old hobby of ballroom dancing.  Kept that one under my hat, eh.  Oh yes, Gold Bar something I was!  Me and L went, and we were addicted!  I threw my shoe collection away recently and I’m regretting that.  A bad back and wedding planning stopped me going, but I want to go back.  I still don’t want to be the man though!

I’m committing to my eating plan like someone who wants to lose weight, like I did when I started it last May.  It’s the start of a new weigh in week tomorrow, and I want to be a food bore again.  I’ve been passing my pre-weight loss clothes down to Mother, who has been losing weight as a by-product of Father’s weight loss programme, and she’ll need some smaller stuff soon, so it’s only right that I carry on passing my clothes down because I need smaller ones.  See, completely altruistic!

The most difficult one to rectify is the time with girlfriends.  From seeing L twice a week at Zumba, I haven’t seen her for weeks.  And, while it’s better than nothing, it is nice to see her when I’m not dripping with sweat!  I saw T and Z at Niece’s birthday party, but we haven’t got together for an age.  So, I’ve just seen an advert for the Macmillan Night In event, and thrown a date out.  I’m hoping it being in the name of charity, one that many of us have seen in action, might spur us on.  Quite how they’ll feel about paying to come round is another matter.  And I’ve not worked out how to persuade Husband to vacate the premises, or how to have raucous fun without disturbing Daughter…What’s that?  Send her for a sleepover to the Grands?  Excellent idea!  I’m wondering whether Sister has still got that limbo set from Niece’s birthday party last year..!