Friday, 28 February 2014

Fab at Forty - nine months and counting

Doesn’t time fly when you’ve set yourself a time-bound goal?  I’ve now got nine full months to the big birthday, and after the positivity of my last post, I’m afraid it’s all bad news for this update.

I’ve had a major, major dose of the lurg.  I may have mentioned it, although it’s not like me to share my suffering, ha ha.  I’ve been off work for four weeks with a nasty chest and lung infection (so definitely not the catarrh the first doctor said!) and it’s knocked me for six.  I haven’t been able to get to my classes for a month now, and although I barely ate for a week (and hit my lowest weight for about three years!), once my appetite came back, the scales crept back up.  The bits that were feeling firmer are feeling soft again (much to Daughter’s joy that the bingo wings haven’t gone) and I’m a long way off buns of steel.  I’ve stuck to Choc-Free Feb though, as long as I don’t count the numerous chocolate digestives I snaffled yesterday.  When I say Choc-Free, I mean actual bars/buttons/eggs, but not cake or biscuits.  Look, I want to be slim, but what joy is there in life without a little of what you fancy?!

I’m back at work today, and so far I’m surviving.  Still pretty puffed, but to add insult to injury I picked up a cold on Monday, so I’m trying to see that off.  The doctor told me my infection was caused by the flu virus and I should expect to feel exhausted.  Great, thanks Doc.  But I need to get back on the plan, so I’ve been to chemists and have tried to buy my way out of it.  The recovery plan now consists of fizzy tablets to make a vitamin C drink – me, but on a good day – the sweetest, syrupiest tonic for ‘tiredness and fatigue’, and liquid iron (gentle on the stomach, because let’s face it, the possible side effects of iron pretty much cancel out all the benefits!), which allegedly has a ‘delicious’ malty orange taste.  If anyone thinks that is delicious, they must have deficient taste buds.  I need to get up ten minutes earlier to administer it all!  No wonder every cupboard in the land is full of abandoned bottles of vitamins – who has the time?!

As for the fitness classes, I’ll get back to them as soon as I don’t need a rest at the top of the stairs.  I hope that’s soon.  And once I’ve got another month of classes under my belt, I’ll see about signing up for bootcamp.  It looks scary, but the before and after pictures are really inspiring.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I’ve got better news for my next update.  Otherwise, I’m going to have delete my blog and pretend I never made the Fab at Forty pledge!!


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