Friday, 31 January 2014

Fab at Forty - ten months and counting

As the first month of the year is limping to a close, I thought I’d update on the Fab at Forty plan.

I’ve succeeded in the Dry January challenge.  Well, counting chickens really, but at lunchtime on the last day of the month I think I’m safe to say I’ll make it!  Sister was very keen that I kept my participation in Dry January quiet for fear of sounding like Oliver Reed (showing my age again).  I don’t usually drink very much, so it wasn’t a hardship, and I’m glad that for once I’ve met a challenge like that.  Many a Lent has seen me break a giving up pledge!

The fitness side is taking shape (no pun intended!) and I’m going to Zumba twice a week run by the lovely Ellen at  I absolutely love it.  I could only go once this week due to work commitments and I missed it.  The only downside is the Zumba high on the night when the class finishes at 9pm – reasonable bedtime is futile!  I’ve even bought some new trainers, so I must be serious.

I got a bit ahead of myself last Saturday when I joined in a running club meeting.  I’d imagined beginners running would be a gentle jog and then a rest, repeat until the hour was up.  But no.  It was a well-planned 2.5 mile run.  The warm up nearly killed me, but I thought I’d give it a go.  Oh my god.  I was sorry about all the cross-country lessons I’d skived from, all the buses I’d let go because I didn’t want to run for them.  The leader was an angel who stayed with me and encouraged me to run to various points. I was purple in the face, wringing wet and wheezing like a 40 a day girl.  My legs weren’t too bad though…until Sunday.  I couldn’t have been any less flexible if I’d have had toe to hip casts on them.  I think I better learn to walk before I can run.  Me and L have a plan, and it’s not just because we both bought running shoes as well as new shoes for Zumba!

The diet isn’t going so well though.  Great in week one, not so great in weeks two and three.  I read a good article about mindful eating last week (probably whilst eating my lunch), and I can see that I’m a mind-less eater.  I recognise my eating triggers, and number one is boredom.  I’ve got nothing in my office now, because I was stuffing my face all day.  A Weight Watchers biscuit loses it's usefulness if you eat 8 on the trot.  I’m a boredom eater, and because I’m not in a manic, high-stress, everyone wants something from you at every minute of the day job anymore, a biscuit, a ryvita, an apple etc breaks up a little of the day.  I should see my lovely friend Jo at The De-Stress Show, who’s brill at all manner of relaxation and hypnotherapy and what have you, see if she can help me out.

Outing myself in public has worked reasonably well for me though, so my next ‘out’ is to make February chocolate free.  Now that’s a challenge.  But I’ve said it now, so if you spy me nearing the Dairy Milk, slap my hands!

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